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Caney Creek High School Smell of Gas in a Building

May contain: machine, wheel, transportation, vehicle, truck, fire truck, car, fire station, and person


Wednesday May 3, 2023, and Thursday May 4, 2023, Caney Creek Fire & Rescue was dispatched to Caney Creek High School for a smell of gas in the building. On both days, Caney Creek Fire Fighters checked the entire building with gas detection equipment and were not able to locate any signs of gas. The Woodlands Fire Department and Conroe Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Teams were called to the scene on Thursday May 4, 2023, to assist with determining the cause of the odor in the building. Both hazardous Materials Response teams obtained air samples, and used gas monitoring equipment and were unable to detect anything of suspicion. These Hazardous Materials Response Teams have confirmed the safety of the air quality in Caney Creek High School. We have been in communication with Caney Creek High School administration since Wednesday morning. Administration has informed us that due to no school today, Friday May 5th., 2023, there have been no unordinary odors. It is concerning that with the school not occupied there have been no reports of any odors.

*** UPDATE ***

We just received notice from Caney Creek High School. Due to the hard work of Caney Creek High School Staff and Conroe ISD Police, a student confessed to bringing a highly concentrated, prank, stink spray called Hensgaukt Fart Spray. Caney Creek Fire & Rescue is proud to serve and protect all Students and Staff at Caney Creek High School.



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