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Does the Fire Department respond to cats in trees? 

No, we only respond to life-threatening emergencies.  If you have a cat caught in a tree or on a roof, try putting some food out and wait.  Be patient, they usually always come down when they get hungry.  At times, citizens have contacted a local rental agency and rented a cherry-picker to retrieve their pet. 

Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools? 

No, unfortunately Montgomery County ESD 9 does not provide this service.

Is Montgomery County under a burn ban? 

To check if Montgomery County is under a burn ban, you can visit the Montgomery County Fire Marshall website.

Can I burn trash outside in Montgomery County? 

To check what you can burn outside please visit the Montgomery County Fire Marshall website.

Does the Fire Department install car seats? 

Unfortunetly, we are not capable of installing car seats due to no one certified in the department. Due to this it would be a liability on the fire department. There are occassional car seat drives in montgomery county through various organizations throughout the year.

I know you were a volunteer fire department awhile back, do you still have volunteer firefighters? 

We are a fully paid department with a combination of full-time & part-time personnel. There are 14 full-time employees & 2 part-time employees on shift 24/7.

Why do I see fire trucks coming down the street with lights and sirens on and all of a sudden they shut their lights and sirens off? Are they just trying to get through traffic? 

No, in most cases what this means is that after the firefighters were notified of an emergency and had begun to respond to the call, they were notified they were no longer needed. That notification could have come from another first responder, or officer on scene, or the person who called in the emergency may have called back and said help was no longer needed.  Lights and sirens are only used when necessary for public safety.  You may notice a fire vehicle parked with lights on but no sirens. That is so we can be seen and keep our personnel protected, etc.  When you hear our sirens, that means our crews are responding to an emergency call.

Does the fire department offer CPR training for citizens? 

The fire department does not put on CPR classes but Montgomery County Hospital District does. You can visit their website to schedule a date.

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