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Smoke Detector Request

Early detection of smoke and fire is the key to ensuring the safety of you and your family, especially when you are sleeping. Smoke alarms in key areas of your home can lead to you and your family avoiding a fire tragedy.

If you are served by Montgomery County ESD 9 and you would like to schedule a time to have us check your Smoke Alarms to ensure they are working properly, if you are not sure that you have smoke alarms in your home, would like for us to provide you with smoke detectors, or would like for us to install smoke detectors, please complete the form below or call 936-231-3527 and we will coordinate with you to visit your home.


We will perform Smoke Alarm Check-Ups between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm 7 days per week.  You can schedule a specific time , morning or afternoon.

Once you request your preferred date and time we will contact you to confirm your appointment.  We may have to request another date and/or time if we cannot accommodate your schedule due to a conflict.

We ask that you request your Check-up no less than 2 days from the day you submit the form if possible.  We will perform check-ups 7 days a week, except for Holidays.

Note: We may have to respond to an emergency and may not be able to notify you in advance that we will not make the appointment.  In that case, we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule.

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