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Thank A Firefighter

A quick-thinking Lieutenant saved two homes from fire after one resident set a trash pile and left home. Engine 81 was dispatched to electrical wires down, as the Engine was leaving the Station, a second 911 call came in for a trash fire threating a home. The Officer on Engine 81 made the decision, after reviewing the call notes, to take the second call as he was closest fire truck, and the fire was threating a residence.

Upon arrival, fire was under one house and had crossed property lines heading towards another home. With the current wind conditions and as dry as it is the Officer quickly deployed two hose lines to save both residences.

Training, hard work, and good decision making saved both homes! Residence that do not follow the burn ban are putting our firefighters in harm’s way. Firefighters across the County are working in extreme heat conditions and are forced to make split second decisions to stop the spread of these types of fires.

The burn ban remains in effect, please be mindful of our current conditions.



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