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Thank You Conroe Independent School District

Thank You Conroe Independent School District

Conroe Independent School District shows once again their commitment to student and Staff safety by providing gas detectors to Caney Creek Fire Rescue. The last week of school our agency responded several calls for a possible gas order at Caney Creek High School.

The first response our gas detectors were deployed and unable to detect any odor. After checking the building, we requested the gas be turned off until a source could be identified.

The following day this agency was again dispatched to a possible odor in the building with several student feeling sick. Again, our meters were deployed and picked up no indication of gas. We felt at this point it would be in the best interest of all parties to request Hazard Materials Response Teams from both the Woodlands and Conroe Fire Departments. These teams have specialized training and equipment.

While waiting for these teams to arrive, we began to take note of the number of students feeling sick and the location of the odor. With a zoned Air Conditioning System, it would be almost impossible for a gas to make its way throughout the building, things simply were just not adding up.

Once the Hazardous Material Response arrived, they deployed their state-of-the-art equipment and specialized trained Firefighters. Once all clear was given by the Haz-Mat teams, indications were starting to point to some types of gas/irritants being deployed by someone.

Currently each Engine in our organization carries a gas detector that detects four different types of gases, which does include natural gas. These detectors cost the taxpayer approximately $900.00 per unit. These units in most cases provide the Firefighter with the needed information to determine the next step in mitigating the problem.

Yesterday, Marshall Schroeder the Director of Maintenance for Conroe Independent School District presented Caney Creek Fire with two State of the Art, Sensit Gold G2 multi gas/leak detectors. These units are significantly better than the current detectors in our inventory. Mr. Schroeder and Principal Benson, along with several vendors made this happen. Again, Conroe Independent School District employees taking student safety to the next level.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for making this happen:

Marshall Schroeder Director of Maintenance CISD

Terri Benson Principal Caney Creek High School

Mike Patrick & Kimberly Shepherd, Daikin Applied

B. Chapmen Ally Roofing

Armando & Clara Galarza

James & Kristal Martin

Miles Williams Painting


Thank You,

Raymond Flannelly

Fire Chief



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